Refund and Cancellation Policy

Any Promoted expressions utilized however not characterized thus will have the significance allotted to them under the Terms of Purpose which oversee your utilization of our site (the "Site") and our 'Hungrykart' application for versatile and handheld gadgets (the "Mobile App"). The Site and the Application are mutually alluded to as the "Stage".

Customer Cancellation

When in doubt Purchaser will not be qualified for a drop/cancel Request once positioned. The purchaser might drop/cancel the Request somewhere around one moment after the Request is put in. Be that as it may, liable to Purchaser's past retraction history, Hungrykart claims all authority to deny any discount to Purchaser as per a dropping/cancelling started by Purchaser regardless of whether the equivalent is in no less than one moment followed by suspension of record, as might be essential for the sole watchfulness of Hungrykart.

Assume Purchaser drops/cancel his/her Order/Request following one moment of setting it. Hungrykart will reserve an option to collect a penalty of 100 per cent of the Request sum for a break of agreement terms as pay for the harms endured by Hungrykart, with a solicitation to either not to discount the Request esteem in the event that Purchaser's Structure is paid ahead of time or recuperate from the Purchaser's resulting Request on the off chance that his/her Request is postpaid, to repay the vendors and PDPs.

Non-User Cancellation

Hungrykart maintains whatever authority is needed to gather a punishment for the Orders compelled to be dropped/cancelled by Hungrykart because of reasons not inferable from Hungrykart, including however not restricted to:

in the occasion assuming that the location given by Purchaser is either off base or falls outside the conveyance zone;

inability to contact Purchaser by telephone or email at the hour of conveying the Request booking.

inability to convey Purchaser Request because of the absence of data, course, or approval from Purchaser at the hour of conveyance; or

inaccessibility of the relative multitude of things requested by Purchaser at the hour of booking the Request; or

inaccessibility of the relative multitude of things requested by Purchaser at the hour of booking the Request. Nonetheless, in the impossible occasion of a thing in a Request being inaccessible, Hungrykart will contact the Purchaser on the telephone number given to us at the hour of submitting the Request and educate Purchaser regarding such inaccessibility. In such an occasion Purchaser will be qualified to drop the whole Request and will be qualified for a discount to a sum up to 100 percent of the Request esteem.

In the event of cancel for the reasons owing to Hungrykart or the vendor or PDP, Hungrykart will not gather any punishment from the Purchaser.


The purchaser might be qualified for a refund for Prepaid Orders. Hungrykart holds the option to hold the punishment payable by the Purchaser from the sum refundable to him/her. The Purchaser will likewise be qualified for a discount of proportionate worth in the occasion bundling of a thing in a Request or the total Request, is either altered or harmed and the Purchaser won't acknowledge at the hour of conveyance for the said reason.

The purchaser might be qualified for a refund of upto 100 percent of the Request esteem if PDP neglects to convey the Request because of a reason owing to either PDP or Hungrykart, but such refund will be evaluated on a case-to-case premise by Hungrykart. Our choice of discounts will last and tie.

All refund amounts shall be credited to Buyer's account as may be stipulated as per the payment mechanism of the Buyer's choice, the estimated timelines are detailed as below, in case Buyer don't choose to credit it to Buyer's wallet with his/her Hungrykart Account.

Process Payment Method Refund Source TAT
Cancellation/Compensation/Order Edit/Payment Failure
Net Banking Source 5-7 Business Days
Debit/Credit Cards Source 5-7 Business Days
UPI Source 2 Hours
Amazon Pay (Wallet) Source 5-7 Business Days
Amazon Pay (CC/DC/NB) Source 5-7 Business Days
Phone Pe (Wallet) Source 5-7 Business Days
Phone Pe (CC/DC/NB) Source 5-7 Business Days
Wallets-Paytm/Mobikwik/Freecharge Source 2 Hours
Lazy Pay Source 2 Hours

In case of payment at the time of delivery, the Buyer will not be required to pay for: Orders where packaging is either tampered or damaged at the time of delivery.

Wrong Order being delivered; or

Items missing from Buyer's Order at the time of delivery.

Provided the same is communicated to Hungrykart Customer Care through the Platform before the Order is marked delivered.